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The Industries We Serve

In the video below - Sam Thomas, Chairman, CEO and President of Chart Industries speaks to Talk Business 360 about the company and the industries we serve.



What do we do?

Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: GTLS) is a leading independent global manufacturer of standard and custom engineered products and systems for a wide variety of cryogenic and gas processing applications. Our equipment is used in the production, storage, distribution and end-use of atmospheric and industrial gases as well as natural gas itself.


What industries do we serve?

Broadly speaking Chart serves 3 major markets; energy, general industrial and biomedical; with energy being the largest segment. Within these major sectors there are significant sub-sectors including:


Chart plays a key role in everyday products

Many people will never directly use Chart product, but every day those same people will use products that Chart makes possible. Just a few examples include:


How is Chart delivering  a fuel alternative to diesel?

Chart is at the forefront of providing liquefied natural gas as an economical, clean-burning and safe fuel alternative to diesel. Major equipment designed and manufactured by Chart is used in the liquefaction, distribution and storage of LNG, plus we also supply LNG fueling stations and vehicle fueling systems. Through a high level of vertical integration Chart offers complete plant solutions in the small-scale LNG space.