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Caire Medical The Chart Biomedical division consists of Respiratory, Biological storage system, and MRI component product lines built around our core competencies in cryogenics, but with a focus on the respiratory and biological users of the cryogenic liquids and gases instead of the large producers and distributors of them.

CAIRE® is the leading respiratory care products provider for the home health care market.  We manufacture a full line of Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs and Liquid Oxygen Portables.  CAIRE combines product expertise and consulting to bring a unique approach to the home respiratory and long-term care market.

QDrive's cryocooler design is completely absent of cold moving parts or seals, eliminating maintenance that is required of most other technologies. When mass loading at the cooled point is of concern, Qdrive offers a remote head system (FAR), separating the pressure wave generator from the cryogenic coldhead, which further reduces vibration. These advantages are accompanied by competitive pricing in both small and large quantities, making them ideal not only for laboratory use but also for HTS, medical, liquefaction, and military and aerospace applications.

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