AirSep Corporation, which now includes the SeQual industrial product line, offers innovative, non-cryogenic oxygen supply solutions as an alternative to cylinder or liquid supplies. By providing an unlimited supply of oxygen on-location, an AirSep Oxygen Generator eliminates regular oxygen deliveries.

For over 30 years, AirSep Oxygen Generators have been a proven alternative to any other oxygen source, reliably producing oxygen, 24/7. AirSep now offers stationary two-bed Standard PSA Nitrogen Generators, Modular Membrane-based and PSA Nitrogen Generators in an expandable, cabinet-mounted configuration, as well as containerized, shipboard options. Self-contained and turnkey cylinder refilling systems are also available.

AirSep’s high-quality products are easy to maintain, cost effective, reliable, and safe oxygen and nitrogen sources for today’s diverse applications.

AirSep’s wide range of systems have secured AirSep as the leader in on-site gas generation. Whether you are in need of a self-contained generator, standard generator, packaged system, large plant, or simply have a specific application in mind, AirSep delivers innovative solutions for all of your oxygen and nitrogen generation needs.

For any inquires or questions regarding AirSep oxygen or nitrogen equipment, please contact us at and a representative will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

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