​Chart Energy & Chemicals Wuxi Co., Ltd.

Plate fin heat exchangers are at the heart of the cryogenic processes producing many of the industrial building blocks increasingly in demand throughout China.

Chart Energy & Chemicals (Wuxi) Co., Ltd was founded in 2014 following the purchase of the Wuxi Zhongbo Heat Exchanger Co. Ltd by Chart Industries.

Prior to acquisition, the Wuxi Zhongbo Heat Exchanger Co. Ltd., established in 2006, had already established itself as a leading Chinese manufacturer of plate fin heat exchangers to the indigenous air separation, gas processing and petrochemical markets and, having achieved D1/D2 design and manufacturing license as well as ISO 9001 accreditation, had already begun to export products outside China.

The Wuxi facility is fully equipped to supply complete flange to flange cold box solutions including inter-connecting pipework, process separation vessels and associated instrumentation and valves. Flanged terminations at the box wall facilitate quick and easy connection to process pipe work.



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