Chart Ferox History

Chart Ferox has an illustrious history; founded in 1941 by Wilhelm Schmiding it was integrated into the Škoda Group in 1958, transferred to the KSB Group and by 1965, was a member of the Brno-based Chepos Group.

In October 1992 Ferox, a.s. became a Joint Stock Company, with a majority ownership by Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

Air Products sold Ferox to MVE Inc. in 1998. U.S. company MVE was the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of vacuum insulated solutions for the storage and distribution of cryogenic gases and, in June 1999, it was purchased by Chart Industries. Chart quickly established Ferox as the company’s European base to complement its strong US operations.

As Ferox’s international customer base and reputation continued to grow, the company name was changed to Chart Ferox a.s., in 2006, to emphasize the relationship with the parent company.

The acquisitions of German companies Flow Instruments & Engineering GmbH and GOFA were completed in 2008 and 2011 respectively. Both companies were recognized brands for supplementary products to Chart Ferox’s core business.