Chart Pershore

Chart Pershore specializes in nitrogen dosing equipment for food and beverage along with super insulated vacuum line (SIVL) cryogenic piping for research and academic facilities.

Chart recently acquired Peco Controls - Europe Ltd, as part of our growth plan. The Pershore based company has been a Chart distributor for many years promoting our Liquid Nitrogen Dosers as well as Super Insulated Vaccum Line (SIVL) equipment in Europe and the Middle East.

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To meet liquid nitrogen dosing application requirements, VIP Engineer to Order Vacuum Insulated Pipe (also referred to as Super Insulated Vacuum Line or SIVL) offers custom engineered, built-to-order vacuum insulated pipe systems. Chart's experienced staff is available to guide you through design and price trade-offs to create your best total value while meeting precise system requirements.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Chart's five design platforms can be configured to meet your budget, performance and installation parameters.
  • Capable: From molecular beam epitaxy to deep space temperature simulation, Chart vacuum insulated pipe is designed to meet your application needs.
  • High Performance: Chart's mantra is to protect the molecule by offering the ultimate radiation, convection and conduction performance available.