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Mobile Spare Parts Service

We provide spare parts service for all markets. This includes pan-European collect-and-return service and aeroplane transport of repair kits on very short notice. As part of the global Chart Industries group we have access to service partners in many European countries.

Rental Trailers

To bridge delivery lead times for new trailers or as temporary replacement vehicle during larger repairs or refurbishments, we offer rental trailers for LPG (propane, butane) and cryogenic air gases (LIN, LOX, LAR). We provide pan-European trailer pickup and delivery service with own truck or partner companies.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide repair and maintenance of every kind of tank vehicles (gas, liquids and bulk) and of all brands. This includes brake and chassis repairs and repair, installation and testing of compressors, hydraulic systems, generators, pumps and measurement systems. We also provide several periodic inspections (approvals/tank tests/general inspection/emissions test/safety inspection/tachometer inspection/UVV) according to ADR and pressure equipment directive with TÜV, GL, BV, Dekra, RDW, SGS-TÜV, Apragaz (various dates per week).

Refurbishments and Regenerations

There are multiple reasons for a refurbishment: for a longer lifetime, as an alternative to new investments, or in order to adopt the current state of technology. We carry out complex cryo repairs and refurbishments (e. g. vacuum damages, re-vacuumization, accidents with damages to inner and outer vessels, super-vacuum or perlite insulations, valves, pipelines). Whatever your purpose, from a repainting to changing the entire undercarriage, we are your competent and results-oriented partner for such work.

Cryogenic Trailer Service and Repair

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