Overview of GOFA's Product Range

The GOFA product range includes a large number of solutions for liquid transport, bulk material transport and cryogenic transport of dangerous goods such as:

  • Gases (cryogenic gases, flammable cryogenic gases, CO2, flammable gases, compressed hydrogen gas)
  • Liquids (chemicals, foodstuff)
  • Bulk goods (food or feedstuff, granules, cement, etc.)

Available product basic versions:

  • Semi trailers with one to four axles
  • Trailers with two to five axles
  • Fixed body
  • Swap bodies
  • 10', 20', 30', 40' or 45' containers and swap bodies in ISO or inland design

Wide variety of designs:

  • Tank volumes from a few thousand to several tens of thousands liters
  • Designs with a gross weight up to 80 tons
  • Different pressure stages from 2 bars to over 30 bars
  • Wide range of electric and hydraulic pumps, compressors and measurement systems
  • Rear, side and middle cabinet options
  • Chassis made of stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel

Ability to design to the following approvals:

  • ADR (Europe and other countries)
  • GOST/TR/RTN/OTTS (Russia)

Customer Individual, special solutions:

  • Meeting the specialized needs of our customers with project specific requirements