Power Generation

Where no pipeline or electrical grid exists, LNG provides clean, low-cost fuel for use in all continuous power generation requirements.

LNG Value Chain

In most primary generator applications, these are temporary rental solutions where mobile or short-term fuel supply is required.

Chart has the experience and knowledge to help match generators with the right systems to supply a steady flow of natural gas – from small, continuous-use generators used on oil fields to large multi-megawatt systems for temporary utility applications. These tanks can be mounted to a trailer, on a skid, in an ISO frame or designed to the configuration that best fits the application and volume required.

Understanding the overall solution allows Chart to bring products to market in the shortest time with the lowest possible risk.

LNG Regasification Systems

Regasification is a vital process for conerting liquefied natural gas from a liquid back to a gas so it may be used to power operations. Chart offers options for both stationary and mobile regasification of LNG, depending on the specific needs of the operations at hand.

Stationary LNG Regasification. Regas systems consist of the following cryogenic equipment: LNG storage, vaporization, pressure regulation, and depending on the complexity, an automated PLC control system.

Chart has the ability to customize regas systems to meet any client’s budget or specific requirements. The majority of our regas systems are almost fully automated, which is recommended since it reduces the amount of the plant operators to run such a large system. Chart’s ability to couple our extensive knowledge in cryogenics and NFPA is key to a successful LNG regas system. We will tailor the system based on the customer’s flow, peak and average demands, controls requirements, etc. Not every regasification system is the same and with Chart’s expertise, we ensure that the system will work for customer’s requirements.

Mobile LNG Regasification. Drilling sites are fast-paced and unpredictable. The flexibility of the all-weather, all-climate LNG Mobile Regasification System allows you to operate uninterrupted, even when refilling, so you don’t have to waste time or worry about a drop in pressure.

This system is designed to provide a continuous supply of natural gas to power generator sets used on oil and gas drill rigs. It is comprised of a 15,000 gallon LNG storage tanker trailer with integrated vaporization, system controls and an offloading pump – an all-in-one package solution that significantly reduces the footprint of the drill rig.

We understand the demand of a drill rig can change in a matter of minutes, which is why this system is designed to accommodate flows ranging up to 50,000 SCFH with pressures up to 100 PSIG, giving you the ability to handle variation quickly and efficiently. In addition, the system accepts deliveries of full tanker loads, helping save on transportation and fuel supply costs.

  • High-capacity offload pump is strategically located to allow flexibility of offloading on either side of the system
  • Completely automated for delivery of gas – no need to turn valves, etc. – which means reduced man hours and opportunity for error