Rail Fueling

Natural gas as a fuel for locomotives has been gaining steam in the U.S. and Canada due to cost saving benefits.

LNG Value Chain

The technology to power locomotives on LNG was proven by Chart more than 20 years ago. Initially limited to switching engines, an expanding LNG fueling infrastructure and engine developments have brought LNG-fueled locomotives closer to reality. With the U.S. rail industry consuming more than four billion gallons of diesel each year, the economics of LNG are driving the operator’s renewed interest.

Balancing the tremendous structural forces with conflicting thermal goals and automating controls to deliver gas seamlessly to the locomotive have now become a reality through Chart’s expertise.

LNG fuel tenders are an emerging technology and Chart is actively engaged with the governing bodies and major railroads to develop on-board LNG tank prototypes and define standards that will lead this revolutionary change.

LNG Railcars

Chart offers a variety of tanks cars for transporting LNG by rail. Our proven designs have decades of successful operating experience in the demanding rail environment.

LNG tank cars offer the ability to cost-effectively transport more than 30,000 gallons per tank car (SR-603) by rail. Chart’s experience in designing and manufacturing tank cars for cryogenic liquids ensures a reliable tank car to move LNG across North America.

Based on more than 70 years of manufacturing experience, Chart Ferox in cooperation with VTG Aktiengesellschaft, one of Europe’s leading wagon hire and rail logistics companies, have developed and constructed Europe’s first LNG rail tank cars (VTG). LNG cryogenic rail tank cars offer the largest payload and the best thermal performance for cost-effective shipping of LNG by rail.