Rail Fueling & Distribution

Through Chart LNG technology, natural gas as a fuel for locomotives and its distribution by rail are now realities.

LNG Rail Tender Car
LNG Rail Tender Car

LNG Value Chain

The technology to power locomotives using LNG was proven by Chart more than 20 years ago on switching engines in North American rail yards. Today, with increased environmental concerns and escalating costs of diesel, there is huge renewed interest in LNG from the rail operators, particularly in areas, like North America, where the costs and logistics of establishing an electrification infrastructure would be prohibitive. In 2017 Florida East Coast Railway announced it was the first North American railroad to adopt natural gas for its entire line-haul locomotive fleet and the key to the fueling is a Chart designed and built LNG tender, which feeds twin locomotives for up to 900 miles of heavy haulage service. As the first of its kind, design safety is absolutely paramount and the cryogenic tender car was extensively modeled to withstand worst-case side impact and derailment scenarios.

Through Chart expertise, delivering gas seamlessly to the locomotive is now a reality and operators can enjoy significantly reduced emissions and realise fuel cost savings of up to 50%, without compromising performance, by switching to LNG.

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LNG Railcars

Chart has developed a variety of tank car solutions for safely and efficiently transporting LNG by rail and our proven designs are backed with decades of successful, incident free operating experience of conveying cryogenic liquids across the demanding North American and European rail networks. Each tank car can carry a payload in excess of 30,000 gallons and features Chart Vacuum Technology® and numerous safety features to protect your asset and the environment from product losses.

LNG Tender Cars

In Europe, Chart developed and constructed the region’s first LNG tank car in co-operation with VTG AG, a leading wagon hire and rail logistics company, and the units can be leased or purchased through VTG.