Ship Fueling

Our LNG ship fueling solutions reduce operating costs while dramatically improving emissions to comply with today’s stringent requirements for maritime equipment.

lng fueling, on-board lng tanks lng fueling
lng fueling, on-board lng tanks lng fueling

LNG Value Chain

Based on more than 70 years of manufacturing experience, Chart Industries has developed and installed LNG on-board ship fueling systems for ferries, catamarans, tug boats and barges. These systems are available for oceangoing and inland waterway vessels.

The ship fueling system includes:

  • LNG fuel storage tank
  • Bunkering interface
  • Cold Box with vaporizers, internal piping, which supplies natural gas to the gas engine


  • LNG fuel storage tank with volumes up to 1000 m3
  • Vertical or horizontal tank orientation on ship, per customer requirements
  • All marine classifications including DNV, GL, IGC, and others are available by request


  • Compact design
  • Engineering know-how
  • Manufacturing and installation experiences
  • Customization of the system to meet customer specifications

LNG Bunkering Stations

Chart Industries also has many years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of LNG bunkering stations.  These systems are available for both ocean-going and inland waterway vessels.

We supply on-shore fueling bunkering terminals for ferries, catamarans, tug boats and inland barges. We offer custom designed stations to meet your requirements.

  • LNG fuel storage tank with volume up to 323,600 Gal (1 225 m3)
  • Vertical or horizontal storage tank orientation
  • Interconnecting piping is pre-manufactured to connect all components needed for a fully automatic or semi-automatic operation
  • Controls and safety systems transmit warning signals to PC or mobile devices
  • Equipment is fully classified by customer request

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