Vehicle Fueling

Natural gas is a lower-cost alternative fuel being utilized in a variety of vehicles.

on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks
on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks

LNG Value Chain

For larger truck applications, LNG is effectively displacing diesel without compromising on vehicle weight, fuel tank location or filling speed. As a naturally cleaner burning fuel, LNG has demonstrated success for more than two decades, and now with a compelling cost advantage, a growing network of fueling stations across America is leading the way to energy independence for heavy-duty trucking.

On-Board Vehicle Fueling

The industry leader in vehicle fueling systems for more than 20 years, Chart offers LNG on-board vehicle fuel systems to support modern spark-ignite or dual-fuel compression-ignition engines.

Chart’s on-board LNG fuel systems are optimal for heavy-duty vehicles requiring significant fuel capacity. LNG is vaporized during engine operation, in a vaporizer heated by the engine’s cooling system, while a pressure regulator controls the delivery of gas to the vehicle’s engine and maintains a constant pressure. The systems consist of one or more super-insulated fuel tanks, ensuring long-time, on-board storage and loss-free operation. Chart systems operate in the U.S. and Europe.

Scope of Supply

  • Storage tank
  • Manual valves
  • Automatic valves
  • Receptacles
  • Fuel gauging
  • Auto-refrigeration
  • Vaporizer

LNG Dispensers

Chart offers the DynaFlow® Flow Meter System through our Flow Instruments business. This technologically advanced dispenser delivers LNG fuel to trucks and city buses accurately, quickly and reliably. The system includes a mass flow meter embedded in a liquid reservoir, temperature sensors and electronics. The unique design of the DynaFlow 3000 provides an accurate flow measurement by dynamically measuring the density of the LNG in real time – it has no moving parts and it has no diversion of metered flow. The DynaFlow 3000 dispenser is valid for growing LNG markets around the world and in Europe with its European type approval based on MID (Measuring Insturments Directive).

Compact LNG Fueling Station

The Compact LNG Fueling Station is targeted at vehicle fleet bases, remote locations, small ports and also provides an excellent temporary fueling solution. Chart’s full service scope includes engineering, equipment manufacture and final site commissioning; with “Plug and Play” installation typically completed inside two days. The stations offer fully automated operation and remote control access and are loaded with our latest technology for maximum safety, accuracy and convenience. An additional CNG module can also be incorporated to offer a complete natural gas fueling service for LNG, CNG and bio-gas vehicles.

LNG Station for Truck Fueling