AirSep Packaged Systems

We can package any of our Standard Oxygen Generators with a multitude of options and accessories to provide a turnkey solution for your oxygen needs.

We also have several pre-configured Packaged Systems, which are designed to match the most common applications.

These skid-mounted or containerized, turnkey packaged oxygen systems are ideal for locations where a compressed air supply is limited or unavailable. Containerized units used for military applications are built to ISO 1-C construction standards. All AirSep Standard Oxygen Generators can be packaged using customer-specified or AirSep-recommended components. 

For certain specific applications, we can make a variation of the PSA process, called the Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VSA/VPSA) process. The only differences are that VPSA uses a feed blower instead of an air compressor and the absorber vessels are desorbed through a vacuum blower. The net result is a significant decrease in the power consumption of the system as a whole. However, these plants are typically only cost effective for very large oxygen capacities. 


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