SeQual RegaliaTM

Regalia 10 LPM oxygen concentrators offer the simplicity of the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF) oxygen module in a system that is quiet, lightweight, and easily transportable.

Regalia small in Glass Blowing Regalia small front image
Regalia small in Glass Blowing Regalia small front image

They make it a perfect fit in applications in which the concentrator may be next to the consumer or user. RegaliaTM concentrators are ideal for applications that do not require a prescription, but can benefit from the sound reduction of plastic housing, the convenience of a handle and casters, the unique elegance of the EZ interface, and the reliability of the Advanced Technology Fractionator® (ATF) technology.

With the EZ interface, simply set the desired flow and the oxygen concentrator will make the necessary adjustments to meet that flow. If the unit is turned off, it returns to the most recent setting when the unit is next turned on. If a downstream flow constriction like a flowmeter or torch valve constricts the flow, it is no problem for the Regalia. When the constriction is removed, the Regalia returns to the target flow.


Typical Applications

Glass Industry

  • Glass Work/Blowing


  • Ozone Therapy
  • Health Spas and Clubs


  • Veterinary
  • Hyperbaric
  • Cosmetic


Product flow

Variable 1 to 10 LPM (1/2 liter increments)

Product pressure (nominal)

7 psig (48 kPa)

Product Concentration (nominal)


Product dew point

-100°F (-73°C)

Dimensions – (W x D x H) (nominal)

15 x 19 x 26 in (38 x 48 x 66 cm)




57 lb (26 kg)

Regalia Parts List

Part Number

Part Description


ATF module USA Domestic 115V, 60Hz


ATF module International 220V, 50/60Hz


Compressor, USA Domestic 115V, 60 Hz


Compressor, International 220V, 50/60 Hz


Regalia Pod, OM 115V for 5161-SEQ


Regalia Pod, NON, 115V for 5162-SEQ


Regalia Pod, OM, 220-240V for 5163-SEQ


Regalia Pod, NON, 220V-240V for 5164-SEQ


Motor Gearbox Assembly for 3161V-SEQ


Motor Gearbox Assembly for 3239V-SEQ

  • Features
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Features Include:

  • Maintenance-free ATF® oxygen module
  • Valve purge noise eliminated for quiet operation
  • Easy-to-read backlit flow display
  • Simple keypad controls: On/off and 02 increase/decrease arrows
  • Oxygen concentration monitor (with 3-light display)
  • Locking casters