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AirSep – A Chart Industries Company
260 Creekside Dr.
Buffalo, NY 14228-2075
Tel: 716-691-0202
Fax: 716-691-1255
Email: info@airsep.com

VP/GM of Commercial Products:
Lawrence Hughes
Email: Lawrence.Hughes@chartindustries.com
Tel: 716-691-0202 ext. 6253

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Regional Manager of Sales for Africa, Europe and The Middle East:
Angelo Barberic
Email: Angelo.Barberic@chartindustries.com
Tel: 716-691-0202 ext. 6266

Regional Manager of Sales for USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada:
James Klein
Email: James.Klein@chartindustries.com
Tel: 716-691-0202 ext. 6379

China Sales Manager:
John Lai
Email: John-Gang.Lai@chartindustries.com Tel: +86 28 8059 3888

Regional Manager of Sales for Asia and Australia:
Phil Thomas
Email: PThomas@chartindustries.com
Tel: 716-691-0202 ext. 6335

Regional Manager of Sales for the Caribbean (except Puerto Rico), Central and South America:
Thomas Long
Email: Thomas.Long@chartindustries.com
Tel: 716-691-0202 ext. 6283

General Manager of Nitrogen Products:
Craig Dillworth
Email: Craig.Dillworth@chartindustries.com
Tel: 716-691-0202 ext. 6461

AirSep Commercial Products Service:
Email: CPDservice@chartindustries.com

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