Bulk CO2 Storage

Chart Industries bulk CO2 storage vessels utilize the same vacuum insulation systems used on our cryogenic bulk storage tanks

Chart Vacuum Technology

Our all-metal outer jacket design eliminates insulation deterioration from water condensation on the inner vessel, commonly found in foam insulated tanks as they age. These key features reduce the operational costs from lost gases and electricity – making our bulk CO2 storage tanks the best long-term green value on the market today.

Our VSCO2 and HSCO2 Series of Bulk Carbon Dioxide Storage Tanks built in the United States continue our pioneering of user-friendly engineered products. This product series offers strength and durability in an all-welded outer container, while maintaining lower life-cycle costs. Utilizing our proprietary Composite Super Insulation system along with superior vacuum technology, we offer:

  • An ultra-low heat leak - eliminating the need for a costly refrigeration system in most applications
  • No costly down time to refurbish water-soaked or deteriorated foam insulation

The Chart Ferox facility offers VTC, VTS and HTC Series of Carbon Dioxide Storage Tanks built in accordance with EN 13458 and conforming to directive 2014/68/EU. These pressure vessels are insulated with perlite insulation to provide long term storage of cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure. VTC and HTC series tanks are available in capacities from 4,000 to 67,000 liters with pressures of 25 bar and VTS series tanks are available in capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 liters with pressures of 18, 22 and 37 bar.

  • Vertical Bulk Stations (VSCO2 or VTC or VTS Series)
  • Horizontal Bulk Stations (HSCO2 or HTC Series)