Standard Bulk Tanks

Led by our premium bulk storage products, the VS/HS series, VT/HT series and VS-GB series provide the most efficient bulk storage tanks for atmospheric gases in the global market today.

Chart Vacuum Technology

Built for long-term integrity and industry-leading efficiency, our bulk storage tanks give you the highest performance at the lowest operating cost.

  • Vertical Bulk Storage (VS or VT Series)
  • Horizontal Bulk Storage (HS or HT Series)
  • BulkLite® 1400 Horizontal Storage Unit
  • Distributor Storage Systems (VS-DSS Series)

Vertical Bulk Storage - Chart's VS-01 Series Storage Systems built in the United States are available in liquid nitrogen, oxygen or argon service and offered in a wide range of sizes for applications requiring Maximum Allowable Working Pressures of 175 and 250 psig (12 and 17 barg) as standard. Our proprietary Composite Super Insulation system gives you the competitive edge with high thermal performance, extended hold times, low life-cycle costs and lower weight to reduce operational and installation costs. Chart leads the industry with an innovative, modular piping system designed for performance, durability and low maintenance.

The VT and VTS Series of Cryogenic Storage Tanks offered by Chart Ferox located in the Czech Republic are built to EN 13458 and conform to directive 2014/68/EU. VT Series tanks for atmospheric gases are available in capacities from 3,000 to 80,000 liters with pressures from 9.5 to 37 bar while VTS Series tanks for atmospheric gases, CO2 and N2O are available in capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 liters with pressures of 18, 22 and 27 bar. These vertical stationary pressure vessels contain perlite insulation for long term storage of cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure.

The VS-GB Series of vertical bulk storage tanks built in Chart's facility located in Changzhou China are built to GB-120 and AS1210 pressure vessel codes to meet customer demands.

Horizontal Bulk Storage - The HS Series Bulk Stations and BulkLite® 1400 Horizontal Storage Units manufactured in the United States are engineered and built with the same quality you have come to expect from Chart. They have standard features along with pre-engineered options to satisfy all of your requirements. These stations are designed to ASME code and available in 175 and 250 psig (12 and 17 barg) as standard. Horizontal bulk and BulkLite storage tanks are available in 1400 (BulkLite), 1500, 3000, 6000, 9000, 11000, 13000 and 15000 gallon (5700, 11400, 23000, 34000, 41400, 49400, and 57000 liter) capacities.

The HT Series of horizontal cryogenic storage tanks built in our Chart Ferox facility are built in accordance with EN 13458 and conform to directive 2014/68/EU. These tanks are available in capacities from 3,000 to 60,000 liters with pressures of 18, 22 and 37 bar and include piping modules designed for easy access to all operational control valves. High performance safety system with dual relief valves and rupture disks are supplied as standard.

Vertical Distributor Storage Systems - Chart's VS-DSS (Distributor Storage System) Series of vertical bulk storage stations are engineered for superior performance, durability and value. Available in 525, 900, 1500, 3000 and 6000 gallon (2000, 3400, 5700, 11400 and 23000 liter) models, the VS-DSS series features the industry standard in thermal performance. The modular plumbing system has been selectively optimized to meet the flow requirements of complete range of liquid or gas applications. With a comprehensive set of plumbing features, each circuit has been carefully designed to match the demands placed on these vessel sizes. Dual safety relief devices are standard, and tank mounted vaporizers are optional on the 525, 900 and 1500 gallon sizes.