MVIP Options and Accessories

MVIP Vacuum Insulated Pipe accessories add valuable options and functionality to your cryogenic liquid delivery system.

Chart Vacuum Technology

Cryovents & Heaters: Chart's cryovents are installed to enhance the performance of the pipe system. In normal operation, some liquid is boiled to vapor from the small amount of heat leak into the pipe, and the cryovent allows this gas to escape. Applications requiring continuous up-time of liquid in the piping system must have a cryovent installed to ensure the availability of quality liquid. The result is more efficient operation of the liquid supply.

Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator - APPS 160: The APPS 160 offers a convenient method of providing low-pressure liquid to an installation that is supplied from a bulk tank at higher pressure, without the cost of installing two bulk tanks.

C-Flex Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses: Super flexible vacuum insulated liquid nitrogen transfer hoses are used in a wide variety of applications including tool connections and custom OEM applications. The coaxial bellowed construction allows for optimal flexibility. The use of lightweight stainless steel reduces cool-down loss to an absolute minimum. C-Flex hoses are protected by a stainless steel spiral wrap or a braided outer cover.

Oxygen Monitor: The Toxgard II O2 monitor detects toxic gases, combustible gases or oxygen deficiency. The monitor is ideal for areas where harmful gases are stored or where a build-up of harmful gases may threaten worker or patient safety. Easy to install and operate.

Vacuum Insulated Withdrawal: Vacuum Insulated Liquid Withdrawal is designed for applications that require the transfer of high quality, cold, low-pressure liquid from bulk or MicroBulk storage. Providing quality low-pressure liquid at the point of use requires minimal heat leak throughout the entire piping system, including key plumbing components.

Flowcom® 1000 Drop Meter: Chart's Flowcom 1000 DM (Drop Meter) System is designed for accurately metering cryogenic liquid in a vacuum insulated pipe system where liquid inventory management is desired. Differential Pressure across the metering element generates very accurate results with no moving parts in the flow stream. No moving parts means: low maintenance, stable calibration, submersible, and a lifetime meter element warranty.

LC3 Manifold: Chart's LC3 Manifold is a three position dewar supply station for standard (160 to 240 liter) Dura-Cyl® Liquid Cylinders. Liquid cylinders are often the only cryogenic supply option due to available space and configuration. The LC3 Manifold is an efficient, economic way to avoid a bulk tank or MicroBulk tank and an extensive vacuum jacketed piping installation. All three vent lines are tied together to ensure the liquid cylinders drain at approximately the same

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