MVIP Python Vacuum Insulated Pipe

MVIP Python vacuum insulated pipe is the best value in vacuum insulated piping on the market.

Chart Vacuum Technology

Python products provide thermal performance for normal and high pressure applications that far exceeds conventional foam insulation products, it takes only a fraction of the space, and it requires no additional protection against moisture. External vacuum bellows optimizes flow of the cryogenic liquid in the center pipe. Field welding on both the inner and the outer pipe is required. Like MVIP Pro® vacuum insulate pipe, MVIP Python is also pre-engineered to reduce costs and lead times.

  • Easy: Preconfigure and attractively priced .
  • Adaptable: Wide pressure range, suitable for LN2, LAR, LNG and LCO2.
  • Performance: Thermal efficiency is more than 10 times better than foam insulated pipe.
  • Patent No. 6,216,745