Chemical and Liquid Transport Trailers

GOFA's portfolio includes tanks resistant to more than 2,000 different chemicals and liquid foodstuff.

Single and multi-compartment tanks with variable compartment sizes are available from 5000 to 50,000 liters. GOFA also offers a combination of different stainless steels and rubber lined compartments.

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Internal Linings
For the transport of highly corrosive goods GOFA offers all types of materials and internal coatings. We use corrosion-resistant stainless steel, rubber linings, spray coatings and plastic linings according to the product hauling requirements.

Swap Bodies and Containers
In the early 1980s, GOFA expanded its liquid transport product line to manufacture tank containers and swap bodies. The application of the existing trailer technology defined new standards regarding the variety of types and the production quality. Today, GOFA tank containers and swap bodies are the best developed on the market. Our broad spectrum of solutions is very comprehensive. With our experience, we provide a solid basis of solutions for our customers.

Shown in the photos are the following examples of Liquid Transport Trailers:
  • Stainless Steel Semi-Trailer with one compartment and 30,000 liters for the transport of bitumen
  • Stainless Steel Semi-Trailer with four compartments and 35,000 liters
  • Swap Body with one compartment and 30,000 liters
  • Swap Body with one compartment and 26,000 liters for the transport of hydrogen peroxide
  • Rubber Lined Semi-Trailer with one compartment and 22,500 liters
  • Dual Substance Semi-Trailer with four rubber lined compartments totaling 24,000 liters

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