Dry Bulk Transport Trailers

GOFA offers a complete range of tipping dry bulk semi-trailers and swap body containers for many dry bulk products, including dangerous goods for transport.

From the beginning in 1962, GOFA has produced transport tanks for bulk materials in several tank sizes up to 80,000 liters. Individual designs of flanges, manholes, pipelines, outlets and an extensive range of variations and accessories are available.

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GOFA is dedicated to the consistent fulfillment of all customer-individual requirements. For decades, our market-proven full aluminum construction guarantees an optimum in payload, lifetime and user-friendliness.

Swap Bodies and Containers
To increase the Dry Bulk Transport product line, GOFA began producing dry bulk containers and swap bodies in the eighties. These swap bodies and containers are manufactured in all sizes, shapes and pressure stages to meet the varying needs of our customers

Shown in the photos are the following examples of Dry Bulk Trailers:

  • Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer with 60,000 liter tiltable aluminum pressure vessel
  • Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer with 50,000 liter electro-hydraulic tilting unit
  • Special Semi-Trailer with 78,500 liter tiltable aluminum vessel for transporting carbon black
  • Trunk-Shaped Container 30' long and 49,500 liters
  • Dry Bulk Swap Body with ADR approval 20' long and 35,200 liters
  • Dry Bulk Container in stainless steel 20' long and 23,000 liters


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