Nitrogen Dosing Options and Accessories

Customize your dosing equipment with our OEM options and accessories for peak operation.

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Equipment Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Equipment Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Equipment
Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Equipment Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Equipment Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Equipment

C-Flex Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hose

Super flexible vacuum insulated liquid nitrogen transfer hoses are used in a wide variety of applications. The use of lightweight stainless steel reduces cool-down loss to an absolute minimum. C-Flex hoses are protected by a stainless steel spiral wrap or a braided outer cover.

123 Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses

The “123 Transfer Hose” is a vacuum insulated hose providing the most efficient delivery of liquid nitrogen to the dosing unit. A simple threaded fitting along with a vacuum insulated bayonet allows a quick and easy installation.

Phase Separator

Phase separators are used in specialized applications requiring extremely high quality, low pressure liquid nitrogen on demand. The level of liquid nitrogen inside is controlled electronically through a pressure differential system. The reservior is vented to atmosphere at all times ensuring that the pressure inside is equal to atmosphere. This results in a volume of pure unsaturated liquid nitrogen.

ADF105™ Automatic Dewar Filling Station

The ADF105 system uses cryogenic sensors to detect a "full" condition. Once full, dual cryogenic valves shut off the fill cycle maintaining the fill pressure inside the liquid cylinder. The ADF105 system is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. It is designed to fill portable low pressure (max 25 psi) liquid nitrogen cylinders from a piping system or bulk tank.

MVIP Select® (Rigid) Vacuum Insulated Piping

MVIP Select piping (also referred to as Super Insulated Vacuum Line or SIVL) accommodates pressures up to 150 psi and is suitable for liquid nitrogen applications including nitrogen dosing to increase bottle rigidity and increase shelf life for the food and beverage industry.

Images shown in order:

  • C-Flex Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses
  • 123 Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses
  • Phase Seperator
  • ADF105 Automatic Dewar Filling Station
  • MVIP Select (Rigid) Vacuum Insulated Piping

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