Qdrive Cryogenic Coolers and Components


Qdrive was founded in 2001 as the cryocooler development and manufacturing arm of CFIC, the Clever Fellows Innovation Consortium, Inc. In 2011, Chart Industries strategically purchased Qdrive to enhance their cryogenic offering and to incorporate Qdrive’s robust cryocoolers into a variety of Chart’s BioMedical products. This alliance has provided Qdrive the resources to expand their cryocooler brand, production facility and testing laboratories.

The heart of Qdrive's long-life, no-maintenance technology is the patented STAR™ resonant linear reciprocating motors and alternators. STAR™ motors have a unique wear-free suspension system, with unlimited life and pure single-axis motion. This eliminates contact between moving parts and the associated lubrication requirements. STAR™ motors utilize an innovative interdigitating moving magnet design with robust coil-over-iron stators. They are recognized throughout the world as the premier linear reciprocating motor - alternator. Combine these with Qdrive’s unique thermoacoustic Stirling coldhead and you have a cryocooler that requires no maintenance and has very low vibration.