Product Options

Configure your Qdrive to best serve your requirements.

We offer a wide range of options with all sizes and types of Qdrive products:

(models 1s102M/A, 1s132M/A, 1s175M/A, 1s226M/A, 1s241M/A, 1s297M/A, 1s362M/A)

Each can be had with these options:

  • CW custom windings to match buyer-specified voltage & current
  • SL split leads to allow multiple taps for user-switchable voltage/current
  • XX special buyer-specified alterations or additions

Motor-Alternators with matched Piston & Cylinder; models 1s102D, 1s132D, 1s175D, 1s226D, 1s241D, 1s297D, 1s362D)

Each of which can be had with the Motor/Alternator options plus these:

  • SV seal verification, to quantify exact performance of the close clearance piston seal 

Pressure-Wave Generators
('PWG's, comprising 2 Drivers in a Pressure Vessel; models 2s102W, 2s132W, 2s175W, 2s226W, 2s241W, 2s297W, 2s362W)

Each of which can be had with the Driver options except -SL, plus these:

  • IP instrument package, which provides stroke and pressure measurement
  • DE drive electronics, which provides power control from global AC electrical input the 102-175 (small family)

PWGs can also have:

  • CE control electronics, a simpler, open-loop power modulator (available only with 2s102W, 2s132W )
  • SS stainless body (aluminum is default, SS available only with 2s102W, 2s132W, 2s175W) 

(comprising a PWG and one or more Coldheads; models 2s102K, 2s132K, (2s175K), 2s226K, 2s241K, (2s297K), (2s362K)

NOTE: some cooler models are not yet released, shown here in (),

Each of which can be had with the PWG options, plus these:

  • TI temperature controller, which automatically modulates cooler power to hold a cold-tip set point temperature
  • CL closed-loop cooling system (pump, fan, heat exchanger), to allow operation without plant-water hookups
  • RH remote coldhead, the FAR configuration
  • LX liquefier heat exchanger, for use in condensing gases
  • WE weather enclosure, a splash-resistant cabinet for the driver, DE option, and auxiliaries (best with -CL & -RH options)
  • AR direct-to-air heat rejection (shroud & fan) for 102 models only
  • HT supercooler coldhead, optimized for service at 100K and up, for 102 & 132 models only

Option Description Details

Custom Windings (-CW option)

  • enables non-standard voltage/current combinations or special insulation ratings on standard motor/alternator stator sizes
  • replaces standard windings with different turns count and wire size or specification.
  • Order must specify, # turns, coil connections, wire size and insulation grade.
  • CW stators will be permanently marked (etched) with turns, size, & grade info of winding.

Split Leads (-SL option)

  • enables multi-tap operation of motor/alternators in various parallel/series combinations.
  • comprises disconnected coils with individual leads, or fractional sets of coils with separate pairs of leads.
  • Order must specify number of lead pairs and associated coil connections.

Buyer Custom (-XX option)

  • special modifications specified by buyer with Qdrive agreement
  • examples include custom mounting features, additional services (e.g., special testing) or auxiliaries (e.g., storage dewar or custom skid base).

Seal Verification
(-SV option, w/ verified seal fit)

This option provides verification of seal clearance by measured flow in assembly before shipment.
Qdrive has validated these measures against full machine performance in many configurations. 

Instrument Package
(-IP option) for 102, 132, 175, and 226 frames

  • ENDEVCO 8530B piezo pressure taps at connection port & back space for P, X
  • <0.22% error, <1 deg shift, +/-5V out
  • power supply for transducers, with BNC connector shielded outputs (110VAC or 24VDC in)
  • (mfr’s spec sheets available on request & shipped with delivery) 

Instrument Package
(-IP option) for 241, 297, and 362 frames

  • Micro-Epsilon VIP piston position transducers (<0.5% linearity, -5C to 80C temperature range)
  • ENDEVCO piezo dynamic pressure tap at connection port (<2% error, <1 deg shift, +/-5V out)
  • driver power supplies for transducers, with BNC connector shielded outputs (110VAC in req’d) (mfr’s spec sheets on recommended transducers available on request & shipped with delivery) 

Stainless Shell
(-SS option) for 102, 132, 175 PWG & Cryocooler frames

  • welded 300-series stainless steel vessel for PWG
  • reduces polymer seals for improved long-term helium retention
  • may require additional forced-air cooling (user supplied, not included) 

Direct Air Cooling
(-AR option, 2s102K-SS only, not available with –CL option)

  • fins, shroud and fan on base stainless cooler
  • eliminates need for plant water hookup or closed-loop cooling system (-CL option)
  • reduces cooling capacity by 1-2 watts at all conditions 

Control Electronics Package
(-CE option, 102 & 132 frames only)

  • SCR-based microcontroller variable AC power supply, manual control 110-120VAC or 200-240VAC, 1 phase 60Hz Input, 8A continuous capacity

Remote Coldhead
(-RH option, requires –WR option if 102 frame)

  • welded bellows connection, stainless steel braided cover, 1 meter long
  • coldhead coolant lines bundled with hose for working fluid as illustrated

Closed-Loop Cooling
(-CL option) for 102, 132 frames (requires –WR if on 102 frame, -CE recommended)

  • steel cabinet 17.3”w x 15.1”dp, x 13.3”hi (coldfinger projection 2.8 inch)
  • 35 lb (16 kg) added mass
  • 1.3 additional Full-load amperes (110/120V)
  • 1.3 gpm (5 lpm) brass-body positive-displacement pump
  • copper finned-tube heat rejection exchanger with Rotron muffin fan
  • polyethylene reservoir with low-level indicator for water coolant
  • The CL cooling option may reduce cryocooler capacity at ambient conditions greater than 18C

Closed-Loop Cooling System
(-CL option) for 175-362 frames

  • integrated liquid-air interface, eliminates user water supply & hookups
  • epoxy-coated circulating pump (110VAC)
  • copper tube fin coil, with multiple 250 cfm fans & guard
  • -Coolant fill port. Water supplied, Antifreeze required for service below 0 C.
  • The CL cooling option may reduce cryocooler capacity at ambient conditions greater than 18C 

Driver Electronics Package (-DE option)

  • GBT-based inverter AC power supply (95% efficiency at full load),
  • 200-240VAC, 1- or 3-phase, 50/60Hz Input (400-500V available)
  • 25-100 Hz frequency range
  • Current Limit (voltage foldover), Thermal overload, short-circuit latching breaker
  • air cooled EMF-shielded enclosure, NEMA 1/ IP20 cabinet
  • digital display & keypad for voltage, current, frequency, run time Input-Modulating Temperature Control (-TI option, requires –DE option)
  • microprocessor controlled Micromega CNi833 Controller, mounted to DE cabinet
  • PID control of motors input voltage from cooler temperature
  • +/-1 degree C control typical with Type E thermocouple (depends on user load) 

Supercooler Coldhead
(-HT option: 102, 132 Cryocoolers only)

  • lower cost coldhead, optimized for service above 100K

Liquefier/Subcooler Load (-LX option)

  • single-pass, flow-through inert-fluid 2nd stream heat exchanger/condenser
  • inlet and outlet fittings to be determined. No storage dewar provided.
  • vacuum insulated cold parts and process fluid connections 

Weather Enclosure
(-WE option: frames 175-362 only)

  • Anodized or powder-coated metal enclosure for splash water-resistance and shipping

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