Pressure-Wave Generators: 2S241W

The 2S241W is the smallest of our large-scale pressure wave generators, rated to deliver 3600 W acoustic power.

Using two 1S241M STAR motors, it delivers 3600 Watts acoustic power, and drives our 2S241K cryocoolers. The 2S241W drives Praxair's 2PX2-200-N cryocooler/nitrogen liquefier.

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Specifications Include:

  • Rated Acoustic Output (watt @ 60 Hz):3600 
  • Input Power (watt):4500
  • Length:511 mm 
  • Width:743 mm 
  • Height:348 mm 
  • Weight:69.9 kg 
  • Compression Volume:1.3 liter 
  • Compliance Volume (per side):6.5 liter 
  • Rated Acoustic Capacity:3.6 kW 
  • Nominal Full Load Voltage:208-240 VAC, 1Ø/3Ø 
  • Input Power @ Rated Conditions:4.5 kW 
  • Input Power Maximum:5.0 kW AC Frequency:60 Hz 
  • Ambient Operating Temperature:0°C - 35°C 
  • Internal Operating Pressure:25 bar (typical) 

Literature Includes: