Fuel Fired Vaporizers

For large or remote systems where fossil fuels may be the only heat source, heat from combustion can be used indirectly in either a fuel fired water bath or in a fuel fired circulating water system.

Natural gas, fuel oil, propane or diesel fuel can be used for combustion in fuel fired vaporizers. Low NOx burners and proprietary heat recovery systems are available to increase efficiency and minimize any environmental impact. Fuel fired vaporizers can be used to vaporize LNG, ethelene, ammonia, chlorine, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 and other liquefied gases and cryogens.

Indirectly Fired Water Bath (IFWB) Vaporizers offer high capacity and economical operation. The burner system(s) are fully automated with optional off site signaling available. The combustion gases pass through a series of heat exchanger piping to maintain a warm bath of water. The cryogen is vaporized and superheated through a tube bundle that is submerged in the bath. The bundle is fit with proprietary vortex generators. The bath provides ballast for vaporization and can be maintained at temperature for immediate use. Standard units are available with burner capacity to 160 MMBTU/hr.

Indirectly Fired Water Circulating System (WCS) Vaporizers are entire skid mounted systems that combine a fuel fired water heater, a pump around loop, and a Thermax shell and tube vaporizer. Water from a packaged heater is pumped through the shell side of a Thermax vaporizer providing heat for vaporization. The cooled water is then returned to the heater. The vaporizer, equipped with Vortex Generator tubes, vaporizes and superheats the cryogen. Standard units are available up to 300 MSCF.

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