Air Separation

A typical air separation plant separates air into its primary components; nitrogen, oxygen, argon and sometimes other rare gases via cryogenic distillation.

In addition to a wealth of traditional industries, such as steel and glass making, an air separation plant is fundamental to the manufacture of computer chips and the production of energy-efficient fuels.

Central to the long and trouble-free operation of air separation units (ASUs) are the Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (BAHX). Chart BAHX have been, and continue to be, deployed across the globe in many hundreds of air separation facilities. By paying particular attention to the needs of our customers and the industry in general Chart has ensured that the product keeps pace with modern air separation plant design be it higher pressures for improved plant efficiency, larger and more efficient BAHX for compact plant design or special BAHX manufacturing and testing procedures to guarantee the ultra-high purity gases required for semiconductor manufacture.

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Chart Storage and Distribution products are often used in conjunction with air separation plants.