MVE Fusion® Series Freezers

Self-sustaining cryogenic storage.

Chart MVE proudly announces the award-winning, innovative Chart MVE Fusion. The new addition to Chart MVE’s stainless steel tank line provides long-term dry storage using minimal liquid nitrogen and electricity. Once initially charged, the Chart MVE Fusion maintains the desired temperature profile with little or no additional liquid nitrogen. Chart’s self-sustaining MVE Fusion operates as a stand-alone unit and requires no ongoing liquid nitrogen supply or piping to a liquid nitrogen supply source. This makes it perfect for locations with limited access to liquid nitrogen delivery, such as remote geogr¬aphical locals or rooms in isolated locations throughout your facility.

Using Chart’s patented Qdrive cryo-cooler technology, the Chart MVE Fusion provides constant, reliable cold storage in the tank. In the event of a power outage, the energy-efficient Chart MVE Fusion has a 7-10 day hold time. Dry storage helps reduce the potential of cross contamination by eliminating the liquid nitrogen variable, further protecting valuable samples. Available in the 1500 model, the Chart MVE Fusion has capacities up to 31,200 1mL/2mL vials.

The high-quality construction of Chart MVE’s stainless steel tanks provide secure storage, extended hold times, and ergonomic lift-over heights. The Chart MVE Fusion provides all these, with the additional benefits of reduced LN2 usage, remote location capabilities, no required vacuum piping, and low energy use.

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Features Include:

  • Self-sustaining
  • Dry sample storage
  • Lowest liftover height
  • Two tier folding step

Literature Includes:

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