ChillZilla ® LN2 Liquid Supply System

Bulk LN2 Supply Management System

ChillZilla SchematicThe ChillZilla bulk LN2 Liquid Supply System is engineered to provide consistent liquid nitrogen for optimum equipment performance. Ideally suited for Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), LN2 immersion freezers and cryobiological storage freezers, the ChillZilla LN2 system features a Dynamic Pressure Builder™ for precise saturated liquid supply to the freezer regardless of the LN2 liquid level. The ChillZilla system incorporates an insulation baffle to inhibit the mixing of fresh liquid from a trailer load delivery with the liquid supply to the freezer for better liquid supply stability during the refill.

With the aid of a patented high performance two-stage ambient pressure building coil, the heat management of this circuit is optimized for fast pressure recovery and reduced heat transfer to the contents. Coupling these unique features with the temperature monitoring of the liquid supply, a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), VJ feed valve with an extended VJ pod and extended legs, the ChillZilla LN2 system automatically provides the optimum liquid nitrogen supply to any liquid application.

Ideally suited for other LN2 applications with the same demand, like cryogenic rubber and tire deflashing.

ChillZilla Tank

Product Highlights

  • Dynamic Pressure Builder System™ for precise saturated LN2 supply
  • Insulation Baffle with dedicated upper fill port for uninterrupted LN2 supply during transport refill
  • High performance two-stage ambient pressure builder vaporizer for maximum efficiency
  • PLC controlled with actual LN2 supply and storage temperature, pressure and level monitoring for precise tank pressure control (PB and Vent)
  • High flow automatic pressure building valve improves response time and performance after a fill along with a tighter operating pressure dead-band
  • Extended legs and vacuum insulated pod for increased head pressure aids in dampening LN2 saturation pressure fluctuations
  • Large 1½" vacuum insulated inner supply line provides 20 gpm flow*
  • Large 1½" vacuum insulated isolation valve with mating female bayonet for plug-n-play to Chart VIP and ice-ball free operation
  • Dual 125 PSI main tank relief valves standard to protect downstream VIP system (175 psig tank MAWP)
  • Reduced deliveries and improved inventory turn-over with 95% bulk tank volume utilization
* 1½" VIP system of 300' VIP + 5 elbows + 2 valves = 2 psi pressure drop
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