Rail Cars

Chart's cryogenic rail cars offer the largest payloads and the best thermal performance for cost-effective shipping of cryogenic liquids by rail. DOT-113 cars with a proven performance history are available for shipping liquid argon, nitrogen, oxygen, ethylene and LNG.

Rail Car SR-386

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Chart's Model SR-386 is a DOT-113A90W Tank Car optimized for liquid argon. Net payload is 200,000 lbs; 17,200 gallons. With a 60 psig safety valve and enhanced insulation, these 'NO-Loss' cars deliver all your valuable argon to the end user.    


Rail Car SR-603Chart's Model SR-603 is a DOT-113C120W Tank Car optimized for maximum payloads of liquid ethylene (30,063 gallons; 142,500 lbs.) or LNG (30,681 gallons; ~113,500 lb.) Safety Relief valve is set at 90 psig for enhanced hold time.

Download LNG Tank Car SR-603 Spec Sheet
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