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As the cleanest burning fossil fuel natural gas is fundamental to the challenge of meeting increased world energy demand without worsening air quality conditions.

Did you know?

Chart brazed aluminum heat exchangers are at the heart of LNG liquefaction with >600 deployed across the world on plants of all sizes; from world-scale base-load facilities down to those that produce much smaller quantities of LNG for local use.

Each of our HT1000 cryogenic storage tanks holds enough natural gas to meet the average family's energy demand for 500 years.

The efficient design of Chart’s Hudson brand air cooled heat exchangers reduces the plot space required per tonne of LNG produced and delivers significant cost savings by reducing site work, concrete, structures, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

Through our Thermax brand we offer the industry's broadest range of vaporizers including ambient air, electric, fuel fired and water bath models.

Chart is a key player in the development of small-scale models and the associated infrastructure that are revolutionizing the LNG landscape and bringing natural gas power to off-grid locations and providing an alternative transport fuel for trucks, ships and even railway locomotives. Click the tiles below to learn more....

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