Small-Scale LNG Storage & Regasification

The LNG virtual-pipeline has enabled off-grid consumers to take advantage of clean-burning natural gas energy.

Horizontal cryogenic storage tanks for LNG
Horizontal cryogenic storage tanks for LNG

From single users through to power stations and distribution terminals, Chart has a solution for those wishing to utilize LNG to convert to natural gas from more expensive and environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

Principal in-house engineered and fabricated products, including cryogenic storage tanks vaporizers, vacuum jacketed pipe, manifolds and control systems are combined to create complete storage and regasification solutions providing natural gas at the point of use according to customer capacity and withdrawal requirements. Typical applications include satellite plants for gas distribution in areas not connected to the natural gas grid, peakshaving plants and back-up supply during high demand/emergency periods, virtual pipeline solutions vehicle fueling and bunkering.

Chart provides a complete turnkey solution, from initial design through to on-site commissioning. and proprietary, proven telemetry and safety systems guarantee maximum economy, efficiency and integrity.

Safety and environmental objectives are always of paramount importance and Chart’s proprietary boil-off gas systems capture excess gas and eliminate discharges to atmosphere.

Small-Scale LNG Receiving Terminals

Multi-functional terminals, like the one at Klaipeda, Lithuania, are proving the commercial and technical viability of small-scale LNG. Offloaded LNG can be used for marine bunkering, loaded into tankers for regional distribution and/or re-gasified for pipeline transmission enabling the terminal to react promptly to demand fluctuations.

Modular construction facilitates reduced cost and complexity with minimized civil engineering and faster installation. Modular construction also means that potential future expansion options can be factored into the initial design.

small-scale LNG terminal at Klaipeda

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Chart offers a complete range of standard and custom engineered cryogenic tanks manufactured at our facilities in North America, Europe, China and India. Available in capacities ranging from 89m3 through to 1225m3, tanks can be oriented horizontally or vertically according to customer requirements and application.

Superior Performance through Chart Vacuum Technology®  - Chart LNG storage tanks utilize a lightweight stainless steel inner vessel, with a durable outer jacket and our proprietary, highly-efficient vacuum insulation technology. The design provides superior thermal performance and extended product hold times.


Principally through our Thermax brand, Chart supplies a complete range of ambient air and water bath vaporizers. Ambient vaporizers do not need additional energy support while water bath vaporizers can be heated by natural gas or any other available heat source. Each vaporizer selection is optimized to guarantee the pressure, flow and temperature of the outgoing gas per the customer’s plant specification.

Cryogenic Storage Tanks and Vaporizers Combined to form LNG Regasification Station

 Why Does Chart Recommend Vacuum Insulated Pipe?

Chart vacuum insulated pipe (VIP) offers significant performance advantages versus mechanically insulated pipe for greatly reduced lifetime costs. A double-wall design decreases heat leakage by 90% and acts as a secondary barrier for safety, while preserving the maximum amount of energy per volume of LNG. The typical VIP installation also offers a functional life up to 10 times longer than that of mechanically insulated pipe.

LNG Truck Loading

Our LNG load-out systems are designed to allow easy hook-up for either a transport trailer or rail car.

LNG Truck Loading

They are designed to accommodate multiple transport trailers or rail cars, and also have the ability to fill a transport trailer and rail car simultaneously. A PLC kiosk complete with climate control, enables the operator to control the loading in full safety and comfort.

The load-out system allows for accurate metering of the LNG flow into the vessel by using Coriolis meters. This type of custody transfer allows for the owner of the load-out system to accurately monitor and measure the amount of product they have delivered.