Options & Accessories to Optimize Supply for Any Application

We offer a full line of ambient air vaporizers and accessories to support all your gas application needs.

Ambient Air Vaporizers - Thermax Supergap Ambient Vaporizers have become the industry standard for ambient air vaporization. Supergap vaporizers use natural convection of air to vaporize liquefied gases. Finned aluminum tubes absorb heat from the air and transfer that heat to the product gas. The huge four inch gap between fin tips provides room for ice growth allowing for more than 500 hours of continuous operation without defrost, making Supergap vaporizers ideal for severe climates and long-duration operation.

Automatic Switching Manifold - The Chart Automatic Ambient Vaporizer Switching Manifold reduces the amount of ice build-up in your vaporizer process to keep them performing at peak efficiency. Designing a vapor system with two independent vaporizers provides the most efficient vaporization solution. Minimizing the amount of ice build-up from overworking a single vaporizer, the controller automatically alternates vaporizers based on the size and usage of your vaporizer system.

Final Line Pressure Control Manifold - The Final Line Pressure Control Manifold is the last key piece of equipment for the gas to pass through before entering the house line. It is critical that the regulators can supply sufficient flow without adding significant pressure drop to the system while maintaining the required house line pressure. The Final Line Pressure Control Manifold from Chart offers a simple ergonomic solution in a complete package for each installation.

APPS-160 - The APPS-160 offers a convenient method of providing low pressure liquid to an installation that is supplied from a bulk tank at higher pressure without the cost of installing two bulk tanks. Liquid nitrogen saturated at a high pressure flows into the APPS-160 and exits at a much lower saturation pressure and temperature. Liquid nitrogen enters the APPS-160 unit through an automatic solenoid valve, and exits through a one-inch vacuum insulated female bayonet. A differential pressure switch maintains the liquid level in the cylinder.

Tank-Tel® Liquid Level Gauge - Go digital with Chart's Tank-Tel system, the industry leading hands-free monitoring solution. Forget the time and hassles of calibration charts associated with traditional analog tank monitoring. The Tank-Tel system brings you a low cost, reliable and user-friendly differential pressure (DP) gauge for industrial bulk tank applications.

OnSite Telemetry System - The OnSite Telemetry System is an integrated telemetry solution for distribution. It provides distributors the access to levels, tank pressure and line pressure at customer locations via the Internet. Centralized reports, information management tools and integrated fleet routing/scheduling software allows distributors to operate more efficiently.

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