Cryo-Lease offers flexible leasing options so you can quickly respond to seasonal, or sudden increases in, demand for or while your own equipment is being repaired.

Cryo-Lease cryogenic equipment leasing from Chart

  • Short- or long-term operating lease (no deposit required)
  • Sales lease - lease to own, up to 10 year term, down payment required, $1 buyout at end of lease
  • Full equipment set up by Chart trained technicians according to customer requirements

For full details about the Cryo-Lease program call us at 1-603-505-6380 or email

Up to date inventory and availability can be found here

Typical stock includes

  • Trailers, bulk tanks, vaporizers and switchers
  • Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk storage systems
  • DOT ISO trailers
  • Non-DOT trailers (1500 to 12000 gallons)
  • 7100 gallon delivery tankers
  • Orca™ XT-2500, HL-3300 and Nomad™ trailers

Lease Chart's Orca through Cryo-Lease

Applications - anywhere you need liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon or LNG, including:

  • Hospitals and other medical institutions
  • Water treatment
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power plants
  • Research and development
  • Food and beverage

Cryo-Lease was initially developed by Chart owned Skaff Cryogenics, Inc., and we are delighted to be able to build upon their 20 years of experience, knowledge and excellent service, while also massively expanding the geographic reach and product availability.

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