Flow Measurement Products

Highly accurate flow measurement products designed to be maintenance free and provide long term stability with a lifelong guarantee on the functionality of the metering section.

Flowcom 3000 flow metering system in Orca truck

Metering system calculates flow rates of various media by measuring the pressure difference across a restricted orifice. Density compensation is achieved by either temperature or a combination of pressure and temperature.


  • Maintenance free - no moving parts in metering section
  • Long term stability - high end sensor technology 
  • Ergonomic design - colored graphics for easy to read display and keyboard for ease of operation
  • Bluetooth communication for automatic data transfer
  • Reduced maintenance costs through built-in pump protection logic

This unique design is patented and patent-pending in multiple countries and features a thermally insulated pre-cooled meter with a built-in phase separator.

Highest standards of engineering, programming and manufacture - all processors, including software and electronics, are developed in-house by our own engineers and manufactured in Germany. The metering systems are assembled at the factory in Monheim am Rhein.

Principal applications:

  • Installations on road tankers and tube-trailers
  • Stationary loading applications e.g. transport trailers, railroad cars
  • Fuel dispensers and fueling stations

FLOW metering systems are available for a wide variety of products including liquefied air gases (nitrogen, oxygen and argon), CO2, hydrogen, liquid petroleum gases (LPG) and AdBlue.

Standard range covers flow rates from 1000 kg/hr to 70,000 kg/hr (2200 lb/hr to 154000 lb/hr).

Customized solutions and special applications available on request.

Comprehensive aftermarket package that includes parts and service, routine maintenance, calibration, installation and operator training.

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