Trifecta® Gas Supply Systems

At Chart Industries we developed the Trifecta Gas Supply System concurrent with the development of the laser industry for metal fabrication.

Chart Vacuum Technology

Over the years, the Trifecta® Gas Supply System has become the standard solution for a continuous supply for nitrogen assist gas, which is critical for lights out operations in laser cutting. Liquid delivery to the bulk tank can happen at any time and because the bulk tank operates at low pressure, the delivery does not incur losses or additional time from blow-down.

The Trifecta System operates by drawing liquid nitrogen from a standard bulk tank into one of its cylinders and then boosts the liquid pressure with a high performance pressure builder. During this time, the other cylinder is delivering liquid to an external ambient vaporizer that feeds the application. Once this cylinder is empty, it will vent back to the bulk tank and to atmosphere, preparing itself for a refill. This two-cylinder, four-stroke (Fill, Pressure Build, Delivery, Vent) system works automatically to provide the application with a continuous supply of pure nitrogen gas. Pressures up to 450 psig and flow rates up to 15,000 scfh with the Trifecta X-Series, and pressures up to 550 psig and flow rates upt to 15,000 scfh with the Trifecta XPro Series. Both Trifecta systems have minimal down time with minimal losses, and they eliminate high pressure pumps, compressors, cylinder cradles and surge tanks.

The Trifecta X-Series is available for nitrogen, argon and oxygen service along with different flow rates The Trifecta XPro Series is available for nitrogen, argon and oxygen service along with different operating pressures.

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