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Our liquid nitrogen dosing equipment is easy to operate and can be integrated into new or existing packaging lines.

CryoDoser FleX® LN2 Dosing System

The CryoDoser FleX® LN2 Dosing System is the first doser with the ability to serve every dosing application within one unit.  This new dosing system from Chart Inc. can be used from the slowest production lines to the fastest. The CryoDoser FleX system is the most efficient dosing system to date and the only doser you need.  It is offered with two controllers–Craft Custom or Pack Premier. With two premium controller options, more standard functions than any other doser offered before, and a brand new all-around design, the CryoDoser FleX system is ready to change the market.

UltraDoser® LN2 Dosing System

The UltraDoser system is the ideal general purpose liquid nitrogen dosing system with speed compensated controls. Chart engineers designed an ultra-efficient system for low to medium production line speeds to dispense a precise dose of LN2 into every container every time.

Inerter™ LN2 Dosing System

Our Inerter system is a high volume LN2 dosing system for full container and headspace inerting applications designed to meet ultra-low O2 specifications in the food and beverage industry. When compared to traditional gaseous nitrogen flushing applications, the Inerter system provides better consistency and reduces LN2 consumption and cost.

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  • CryoDoser FleX® LN2 Dosing System
  • UltraDoser® LN2 Dosing System
  • Inerter™ LN2 Dosing System

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