Nitrogen Dosing Technology

Chart's SoftDose and MicroDose Technologies are engineered to deliver the precise amount of liquid nitrogen for the application.

SoftDose™ Technology

The SoftDose places or sprays the liquid nitrogen on the surface of the product rather than penetrating the product surface essentially eliminating any product splash and delivering consistent container pressure. Various options are tailored to a specific product, package or application.

MicroDose™ Technology

MicroDose technology was developed in response to market demands to precisely dose LN2 into ultra light weight packaging to comply with tight container pressure specifications. Utilizing various sensors to detect filling line speed, pocket detection. bottle presence, inputs independent of the fill and electronic adjustments for fine tuning, 3 +/- 1 psi (0.21 bar +/- 0.07 bar) internal bottle pressure is achieved at the 99% level.

RemoteDose™ Technology

RemoteDose technology was developed to confirm possible causes of errors to prepare for necessary actions and tools from a mobile device anywhere before running down to the point of the problem. You can check the status of a machine with the touch of a tablet or smartphone. Using the remote monitoring and operation functions, actions that previously required multiple staff for a large-sized machine or long-distance application can be easily accomplished by fewer operators.

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  • Traditional Dosing
  • Traditional vs. SoftDose
  • Web Technology for Troubleshooting

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