Chart Invests in Carbon Capture Technology

Chart Industries | June 7, 2021

Chart announced the completion of a minority investment in Earthly Labs, Inc. (“Earthly Labs”) and a commercial Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). Earthly Labs is the leading provider of small-scale carbon capture systems offering an affordable, small footprint technology platform called “CiCi ®” to capture, recycle, reuse, track and sell CO2. Chart’s investment will be used by Earthly Labs to accelerate its innovation to capture as much as 20 times the CO2 from large craft breweries, meet the CO2 conversion needs of wineries, distilleries, and cannabis, and accelerate offerings immediately in the Canadian market.  

“CO2 is used in the production and packaging of beer, wine, cannabis and food. CO2 is also emitted into the atmosphere as these products are made. What a great idea – capture and reuse the CO2!” stated Jill Evanko, CEO and President of Chart. “We are thrilled with our continued and elevated partnership with Earthly Labs, another natural combination of technology and equipment in a high growth market that also advances a more sustainable world.”
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