Chart Becomes Inaugural Member of Hydrogen Forward

Chart Industries | February 5, 2021

Chart has joined 10 other like-minded companies in launching Hydrogen Forward, a coalition focused on advancing hydrogen development in the United States. The coalition brings together companies invested in all links of the hydrogen value chain from source to service with a common goal of realizing hydrogen’s potential to power our daily lives and decarbonize energy intensive industries, such as transportation and mining.

“Chart Industries has been producing hydrogen-related equipment for over 50 years, and we are continuing to discover its many applications as a safe, reliable and versatile fuel,” said Jillian Evanko, president and CEO of Chart Industries. “We believe hydrogen will be a key part of the clean energy transition, and our products make it possible for hydrogen to be used in delivery trucks, forklifts, cars, power generation, and even aerospace. We are pleased to be a part of Hydrogen Forward with such great partners to continue to build hydrogen solutions.”

Chart Industries and Hydrogen Forward support policies that accelerate the energy transition, bolster U.S. energy and climate leadership, and establish a clear, comprehensive strategy for hydrogen and related infrastructure development that will allow the U.S. to harness the significant benefits of these technologies.

About Hydrogen Forward

Hydrogen Forward is a joint initiative of 11 companies – Air Liquide, Anglo American, Bloom Energy, CF Industries, Chart Industries, Cummins Inc., Hyundai, Linde, McDermott, Shell and Toyota – committed to advancing hydrogen for a cleaner, stronger U.S. economy. The coalition works in concert with allies across industries and sectors to educate decisionmakers and stakeholders on the value hydrogen delivers today and the important role that it should play in our future. To learn more about the initiative and its member companies, visit

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