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Founded in 1975, with the objective of introducing an innovative axial fan to a sophisticated and more demanding market. Fan sizes would be offered ranging in diameter from 3 ft to 40 ft, suitable for almost any application. Through continuous growth, we are able to offer one of the world's widest selections of pultruded fans, suitable for the most demanding applications.

Cofimco B Series

B Series

Series B (“Flexi blade”) adjustable pitch fans are available in diameters from 5ft up to 20 ft (6.7 m) in 8 different blade profiles. Both clockwise and counterclockwise configurations are available in standard and reverse mounting types. The flexible connection between the blades (either extruded aluminum or pultruded FRP) and hub is made using a special high tensile steel element.

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Cofimco TANDEM Series

Tandem Series

The COFIMCO-TANDEM® patented and trademarked design will revolutionize the fan industry. TANDEM® blade is the combination of 2 airfoils held together with special tip and root caps which main feature is the creation of a low-pressure area which delay the separation of the flow around the airfoil. TANDEM® Blade is available in three sizes 20TD, 30TD, 40TD ranging from 8 to 34 ft.

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Cofimco 35F/35FD Series

35F/35FD Series

35F / 35FD blade with FRP pultruded shaft represent the most suitable product for Wet application with VFD device, combining the unique advantages of the flexible design together with the high resistance against corrosion effects. Special root cap design determines a total efficiency increase reducing reverse airflow effects and allowing a better flow distribution along the blade.

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Cofimco 50F/60F Series

50F/60F Series

The 60F and 50F profiles were introduced to offer a very low noise fan with high efficiency for the Air Cooled Condenser and Cooling Tower applications. Compared with standard Fiberglass blades for 60F and 50F, the largest monolithic pultruded blade ever produced, allows up to 10 dB(A) noise reduction keeping an extremely high efficiency. These are available from 14 ft up to 40 ft (12.192 m),

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Field Erected Cooling Towers

Our Cooling Towers are used for industrial processes and in power plants. Cofimco's G and AX fan series in FRP are typically applied due to wet and sometimes aggressive environments in Cooling Towers. The fan diameters range 16' to 40'.

Cofimco Field Erected Cooling Towers

Package Cooling Towers

Our Package Cooling Towers are mainly used in HVAC applications. Produced in both FRP and aluminum, the M and B fan series range in diameter from 4' to 18'. For low noise applications, CX series fan would be considered.

Cofimco Package Cooling Towers

Air-Cooled Condensers

These condensers are a main component in power plants. ACC's are typically designed with large diameter fans (20' to 36'). Cofimco's G and AX fans series in both FRP and aluminum are typically supplied. Both clockwise and counterclockwise configurations are available in standard and reverse mounting types. The user can easily make adjustments to the blade pitch and maximum travel.

Cofimoc Air-Cooled Condensers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

ACHXs are primarily used in industries such as petrochemical, oil refining and gas compression. The Cofimco B series flex fan is most suited for this application in both FRP and aluminum with diameters ranging from 3' to 18'. Auto variable pitched fans are available when airflow control is required, while for ultra low noise applications CX fans would be most suitable.

Cofimco Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


2000 Days without injuries!

Thanks to the commitment of its 71 employees, Cofimco Axial Fans has reached a great milestone: 2000 days with no accidents at work!


Research & Development

The Cofimco blade design is the result of extensive research and analysis resulting in high performing and efficient axial fans. Constant research for new solutions and enhancement to the current product line is realized through continuous improvement efforts. Thanks to improved FEM analysis and CFD simulations, the Cofimco blade design is optimized from both a structural and aerodynamic point of view, helping to provide customized solutions for different market requirements.  


Cofimco Research and Devekopment

Scaled fan models are tested in two wind tunnels (1250mm/48" and 2000mm/78" diameters) using British Standard fan test procedure BS 848. The fan curve characteristic to predict fan performance is generated from this data. Two test rigs (suitable for 4'-6' and 9'-14' fan diameter) are then used to verify the fan operative curves on actual units. This also allows us to determine the influence of variables such as tip clearance, aerodynamic disturbances and inlet shape. Sound tests are performed in accordance to DIN 45635 standard.

Cofimco's test lab is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment to perform the necessary test required for research and development. This capability also enhances our field surveys and aftermarket services.

All Cofimco fan models are evaluated under simulated extreme working conditions. Fan blades are checked on fatigue machines and vibration benches in our test lab to ensure an infinite life span for fan components. The most critical blade sections and hub are continuously monitored by strain gauge systems and compared to theoretical values from structural analysis.

Our "FanTastic" selection software (based on project specific requirements) generates optimized fan selections. This software, developed by Cofimco's engineering, provides all fan performance details: characteristic sheet, operating curves, multiple noise evaluation are only a few examples of the software's capabilities. 

Cofimco's Clients

Some of the world's biggest companies trust us for their business.


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AV Series

Series AV (Automatic Variable pitch) fans are available in diameters up to 18 ft (5.487 m) in eleven different blade profiles. Larger diameters can be provided upon request.

CX Series

Developed to meet the most stringent noise limitations, the COFIMCO CX series fan, developed and produced together with Hudson in USA, represents the best in the new generation of super low noise fans. Compared to other fans, the CX series fan allows up to 20 dB(A) noise reduction, while maintaining the same efficiency.

G Series

Series G adjustable pitch fans are available in diameters up to 40 ft (12.192 m) in five different blade profiles. The G hub consists of two steel disks, connected to the top and bottom sides of the hub boss. The blades are connected to the hub through extruded aluminum pillow blocks sandwiched between the hub disks.

M Series

Series M adjustable pitch fans are available in diameters up to 20 ft (6.1 m) in eleven different blade profiles. The blades are connected to the hub through a high-quality steel shaft. The patented M hub consists of two precision machined steel forgings, clamped together to sandwich the blade shaft. One of the two pieces incorporates the hub boss.

U Series

Series U adjustable pitch fans are available in diameters from 4ft (1.2 m) to 16ft (4.8 m) in six different blade profiles (aluminum extruded or FRP pultruded). The blades are connected to the hub, in standard and reverse mounting types, through a high quality steel shaft.


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