Biogas Liquefaction

Chart's C15MR Micro LNG liquefaction plant enables customers to recover and monetize biogas.

Chart small-scale LNG liquefaction for biogas

As the industry pioneer for small-scale and modular liquefaction, we have applied our know-how to develop a technically and commercially viable solution for the liquefaction of smaller gas volumes typically associated with biogas. The C15MR Micro LNG plant has a nameplate liquefaction capacity of 15,000 gallons per day (25 tons per day).

Bio-LNG can be used at source for power generation, fueling natural gas vehicles and bunkering, loaded into cryogenic containers and transported for regional use or vaporized and injected into the pipeline.



Complete engineering and equipment solution that can also be supplied as a full EPC turnkey project with tailored packages for commissioning, servicing and training.

Chart’s Micro LNG plant utilizes proven, shop built standard components and mixed refrigerant cycle process technology for maximum reliability and ease of operation. Principal equipment, including brazed aluminum heat exchanger, cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum jacketed piping and load-out skids, are engineered and built in-house. Equipment packages are modularized for simplified installation and reduced time at site.

Typical overall project schedule, from order to plant start-up is 18 months.


  • Nameplate capacity of 15,000 gallons per day (25 tons per day)
  • Turndown capability means that the plant will operate at reduced flows, duty and capacity
  • Mixed refrigerant process technology
  • Appropriate gas pre-treatment package
  • Shop built, standard, modular equipment packages
  • All modules are supplied skid mounted for road transport and easy installation
  • Standard package includes 3 days of cryogenic storage
  • Principal equipment engineered and built in-house
  • Overall plot plan required approx. 20 x 26m
  • Electric power source
  • Chart’s standard loadout is a 1 or 2 bay system with a simplified dispenser or pump skid, depending on plant size and transport frequency


  • Biogas liquefaction
  • Landfill gas recovery
  • Flare gas recovery
  • Stranded gas monetization
  • Pipeline gas liquefaction

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