Hydrogen Energy

Chart is your ideal project partner to deliver hydrogen as a secure, clean, safe and affordable alternative to fossil fuels.

Because of its high diffusivity, extremely low density, wide flammability range and ultra-low temperature in liquid form, hydrogen presents a series of unique challenges for its safe and economical storage and distribution.

Through our deep cryogenic expertise and proven track record of delivering solutions for a huge range of liquefied gases, including hydrogen, Chart is uniquely positioned to address the hydrogen value chain.

Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Chart cryogenic hydrogen storage tank

Liquid hydrogen storage eliminates high pressure cylinders and tanks and is a more compact and energy dense solution than gaseous storage. Chart is the undisputed leader in cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage with > 800 tanks in hydrogen service around the world for aerospace, FCEV fuel stations, FC forklift fueling, liquefaction and many industrial applications.

  • In-house design, manufacture and testing in accordance with NFPA, ASME, CGA and all recognized international codes and standards
  • Comprehensive range of vertical and horizontal tanks
  • Chart Vacuum Technology® for superior thermal performance 
  • Manufacturing in US, Europe, India and China
  • Modular design reduces project complexity, civil engineering requirement and time at site for installation and start-up
  • Scale adapted solutions for all stakeholders
  • Chart also designs and manufactures vacuum jacketed pipe, vaporizers and other equipment used in the transfer and vaporization of hydrogen

Hydrogen tanks built by Chart's VRV operation in Italy are an integral part of the on-site infrastructure to fuel vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells.

Chart VRV hydrogen tank for hydrogen fueling

This 120,000 liter cryogenic tank built at our Sri City facility is India's largest. It stores liquid hydrogen that is used as a propellant for satellite launch rockets at -253°C.

Chart VRV hydrogen tank rocket propellant

Transport Trailers

Chart's liquid hydrogen trailers are designed specifically for transporting hydrogen over the road. 

  • Capacities from 6,000 to 17,600 US gallons
  • By incorporating the same superior insulation and high quality construction that we use with our stationary tanks we minimize net evaporation rate and boil-off gas
  • Different platforms means that trailers can be highly maneuverable for urban settings or jumbo design for minimizing long haul distribution
  • Manufacturing facilities in US and Europe
  • Complete refurbishment, repair, inspection and certification

Our latest acquisition expands our trailer manufacturing and repair capacity through the addition of a fully equipped specialist faciity in Theodore, AL.

Chart cryogenic hydrogen trailer

The high pressure hydrogen trailer below is uniquely designed to meet European regulations. The system comprises 135 interconnected, vertical, high pressure cylinders. It was engineered and built by Chart’s GOFA facility in Germany.

Chart cryogenic hydrogen trailer

Metering Systems

Flowcom® flow metering systems are proven to deliver significant benefits to fleet managers and driver-operators.

Flowcom flowmeter

Simple, convenient and safe to operate, our high precision meters, designed specifically for hydrogen service, include the following features:

  • Absolute pressure range from 435 to 3,045 psi (30 to 210 bar)
  • Compliance with recognized standards and measurement requirements
  • Bluetooth® data transfer

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX) are highly efficient, compact, low weight units and principal components in the hydrogen liquefaction process. Chart has been providing BAHX for hydrogen service for many decades and our superior fin geometries and vacuum brazing technology are your guarantee of the most energy efficient heat exchange solution and highest vacuum leak test integrity.

Chart plate fin heat exchanger

  • Compact design, efficient performance
  • Custom engineered according to customer thermal and hydraulic performance requirements
  • Proprietary in-house simulation software
  • Designed and tested in accordance with all applicable international codes

Vehicle and Marine Fueling

Chart is already applying >25 years of experience of LNG vehicle fueling to developing solutions for hydrogen fueled vehicles and marine vessels:

  • On-board liquid fuel tanks
  • Liquid hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)
  • Mobile, containerized and modular fueling stations and supply systems
  • Developing on-board storage and delivery solutions for ships

Chart on board hydrogen vehicle fuel tank

All Chart's hydrogen products are supported with an extensive range of after-sales services including installation, commissioning, start-up, training, parts and servicing.

Proud to be working with our peers to deliver a clean energy future.

Chart hydrogen partners

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