Laser Cutting

Chart assist gas solutions improve the quality and efficiency of precision laser cutting processes.

Chart assist gas solutions for precision laser cutting

Industrial laser cutting is the process of focusing a high intensity laser beam at a sheet of metal to produce a cut.  However, when narrow tolerances are required, the beam alone cannot produce a clean cut.  For that, a laser must use the help of an assist gas.

Assist gas, either nitrogen or oxygen, is used to exclude regular atmospheric air and blow away the molten material.  Blasting this gas at high velocity and pressure blows away the metal that has been melted by the laser. It also helps take the heat away from the metal sheet. 


With oxygen, the laser power is magnified and more heat is produced.  This allows for faster cutting speeds.  The disadvantage is that oxidation occurs on the cutting edge and more cleanup is needed if the metal is going to be further processed. 

When lasers use nitrogen for cutting, the material is melted solely by the laser power and blown out of the cut by the energy of the nitrogen gas stream. Unlike cutting with oxygen, the melt-shear removal is the only active process since inert gases do not react with the molten metal and no additional heat is generated.

For both nitrogen and oxygen, an uninterrupted delivery of high quality gas is vital.

Benefits of Using an Assist Gas

  • Blows away molten metal
  • Produces a clean cut
  • Improves the cutting power of the laser
  • Nitrogen eliminates the oxidation that can occur with the presence of oxygen

Principal Chart Solutions

Chart Laser Assist Gas Solutions eliminate the need for high pressure pumps, compressors, cylinder cradles and surge tanks in order to achieve the pressure requirements of most modern lasers. High pressure liquid storage tanks are available for operations of all sizes. 

Small Volume Gas Users

Chart Perma-Cyl portable liquid gas cylinder for laser cutting
  • Typically 5,000 to 30,000 SCF/month of nitrogen gas
  • Portable liquid cylinders
  • Perma-Cyl 450 VHP and 1000 VHP
  • Dura-Cyl / Euro-Cyl
  • High pressure Laser-Cyl®
  • Range of options including switching manifolds

Medium Volume Gas Users

  • Typically 30,000 to 150,000 SCF/month of nitrogen gas usage
  • Individual MicroBulk tanks in sizes from 1500 to 7000 litres
  • Self-contained Microbulk ZX skids in sizes of 1500 and 3000 litres
  • Eliminates cylinder exchanges
Chart Perma-Cyl liquid gas cylinder
Higher Volume Gas Users
  • Typically > 150,000 SCF/month of nitrogen gas usage
  • Standard cryogenic bulk tanks - vertical and horizontal orientation - manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and China - international code compliance
  • Trifecta® Gas Supply System

Trifecta® Gas Supply System

Through its novel two cylinder, four stroke system, Trifecta® provides the application with a continuous supply of pure gas at pressures and flows up to 550 psig and 15,000 scf/hr respectively. 

Chart Trifecta assist gas solution for precision laser cutting

Principal Features and Advantages

  • Continuous operation
  • Zero downtime during liquid delivery - system maintains pressure and flow when the bulk tank is filled
  • Compact footprint
  • Simplified installation and start-up

For full features and advantages and model specifications visit our Trifecta Laser Assist Gas Solutions page.

Orca™ VHP Delivery System

Orca VHP liquid gas delivery for laser operations

Provides the capability to fast fill tanks operating at pressures up to 500psig:

  • Eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming tank blowdowns
  • New pump technology facilitates faster fills without interrupting facility operations
  • Greater flexibility in scheduling and more deliveries per day

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