Liquid Air Energy Systems

Creating clean energy out of thin air. Zero emission power generation for peak shaving and to supplement intermittent output from renewables.

liquid air energy systems

How it works

  • Air is liquefied by refrigerating it to -196°C
  • It is stored in cryogenic tanks as a dense liquid
  • Liquid air is vaporized back to gas on demand

The energy released during the vaporization process is used to drive turbines that generate electricity.

LAES is the most reliable large scale, long term energy storage solution

  • No rare earth materials (unlike batteries)
  • Commercial off the shelf equipment with millions of hours proven reliability
  • Charge rates from 1 to 50MW, storage capacity from 20 to 2,000 MWh and generation from 2 to 100MW

liquid air energy systems

Single Source Ownership and Accountability

  • Major components built in house – brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX), cold boxes, air coolers, storage tanks, vaporizers and vacuum insulated pipe
  • Nitrogen cycle and IPSMR® process technology
  • Cryogenic expertise and experience
  • Shop built proven equipment
  • Modular construction for scale adapted solutions
  • Long pedigree with ASU and proving technical and commercial viability of small and mid-scale LNG

plate fin heat exchanger for liquid air energy systems

Specialty brazed aluminum plate fin heat exchangers are at the heart of liquefaction processes. Chart technology reduces the number of units and piping, which reduces overall project cost complexity, risk and schedule.

cryogenic storage tanks for liquid air energy systems

Shop built cryogenic bullet tanks reduce expensive site work and civil engineering requirements and provide a replicable solution for future capacity expansions.

Chart technology drives even greater efficiencies:

  • SuperGap™ high performance vaporizers provide zero cost heating during the vaporization process
  • Vacuum Insulated Pipe provides a thermal efficiency >10 times better than foam insulated pipe
  • Installation & Commissioning - everything from permitting assistance, to general contracting, final inspection/safety review, startup
  • Training - hands-on cryogenics and operator training in the classroom and the field
  • Onsite Maintenance & Service Packages - from first fill to fine tuning the system as well as extended warranty offerings for fixed project costs

vaporization at liquid air energy system

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