Chart China LNG

As one of the leading manufacturers of LNG equipment for the China market, we continue to reinvest locally in this rapid growth area. 

In 2015, we will be opening our largest single expansion ever, within just a few miles from our main plant in Changzhou.

We provide unique LNG solutions starting with our ORCA™ delivery and fuel tank system for temporary LNG supply to quickly establish vehicle fleet conversions. Our vehicle tank system design is so successful that a majority of the non-Chart systems across the country utilize the Chart platform, making us the standard in the industry. Once an LNG distribution point is established, we offer turnkey fuel stations for permanent installations or skid mounted systems for quick start ups. Rounding out our LNG supply chain, we offer a complete line of semi-trailers to haul liquid from the main supply to the vehicle stations.

For stationary energy conversions to LNG, we offer bulk and MicroBulk storage and distribution equipment. These satellite plants operate just like other forms of fuel distribution, except the equipment must be cryogenically insulated and an ambient air vaporizer is used at the storage tank to convert the LNG to gas before combustion.

The Chart China facility is fully equipped to provide all the equipment, installation and training to get your conversion up and running quickly and operating at peak efficiently for many years.


LNG Solutions & Equipment