Cooler By Design ®

Our Chart team members give so much on daily basis to get the job done, so we want to make sure we bring you and the people you care about peace of mind. We give you access to financial and physical wellness tools and support, as well as options to balance work and home life, with a few perks thrown in to keep it fun. Take a look below to find out more.

Health Is Wealth

Access to exceptional care

  • Flexible medical,vision and dental plans to meet your needs.
  • 24/7 access to tele doctors.

Pečujeme o zdraví naší party

  • Zajišťujeme bezplatné očkování proti chřipce
  • Obědy v naší jídelně na vysoké úrovni a s příspěvkem od nás
  • Zvýhodněné masáže a saunu
  • Bike-Leasing (Job-Rad)

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By visiting our third party administrator’s website, you can access information regarding the rates negotiated between our group health plan and in-network providers for items and services, as well as historical financial information for out-of-network providers.