Howden's engineered axial fans enable a full range of wind tests

Wind tunnels are essential in understanding aerodynamic effectiveness and the impact of wind noise and temperature variations on test objects. Air is moved past the object/wind tunnel model by a powerful Howden fan and the effects can be measured and studied, allowing the researchers to view aerodynamic forces, pressure distribution or other aerodynamic-related characteristics.

Benefits of Howden Wind Tunnel Fans

  • Ability to quickly ramp up speed to reach conditions required for the test with acceleration to 100% in 15 seconds and deceleration back to 0% in 15 seconds
  • Lowest noise to support acoustic testing from fans engineered with low noise blades
  • Ability to operate in temperatures as low as -55oC in line with the demands of climatic wind tunnels
  • Flexible fan range to meeting every volume requirement (typically up to 4000 m3/s, but more can be achieved if required)
  • High availability from fans proven to deliver reliable performance backed up with Howden Uptime
  • Long service life with expected life span of at least 30 years

Custom designed fans for all types of wind tunnel with turnkey delivery

High Efficiency Air Movement
Howden’s fans deliver the right volume of air flow in the most efficient manner.  Our fans can quickly achieve the necessary flow, operate at low temperatures and with minimised noise output.
Scalable Project Delivery
Project delivery is provided on a scalable basis with full turnkey provision available to reduce project complexity, cost and management during design and installation stages.
Lifetime Support & Management
Our global service network means we can respond quickly to any requirements from spare parts to overhauls and upgrades. By adding Howden Uptime  operators gain real time monitoring mapped to a digital twin to ensure optimal fan performance.

A full solution based on our engineering, technological, installation, software and service capability.

Wind Tunnel

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