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Hydrogen presents a series of unique challenges for its safe and economical storage and distribution. By combining the core expertise of Chart and Howden we have developed highly innovative solutions for our customers focused on optimising safety, availability, reliability, footprint with total lowest cost of ownership.


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Products and solutions across the gaseous and liquid hydrogen value chain.

hydrogen value chain


Liquid Hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen will play a major role in the green energy transition. The cryogenic technology involved utilizes safe, low pressure, double wall systems and is proven reliable over many decades and across multiple applications, including aerospace, industry, science and research.

  • With a purity of 5.0 liquid hydrogen requires no further purification for use
  • Liquid hydrogen does not require any reconversion energy
  • High horsepower vehicles e.g. trucks, ships and aircraft demand liquid hydrogen fuel
  • The liquid hydrogen virtual pipeline is an efficient and proven method of transporting green energy
Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Liquid hydrogen storage eliminates high pressure cylinders and tanks and is a more compact and energy dense solution than gaseous storage. Chart is the undisputed leader in cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage with > 800 tanks in hydrogen service around the world for aerospace, FCEV fuel stations, FC forklift fueling, liquefaction and many industrial applications.

Transport Trailers

Capacities from 6,000 to 17,600 US gallons. By incorporating the same superior insulation and high quality construction that we use with our stationary tanks we minimize net evaporation rate and boil-off gas Manufacturing and servicing facilities in US and Europe and recent addition of a fully equipped specialist facility in Theodore, AL.

Metering Systems

Flowcom® flow metering systems are proven to deliver significant benefits to fleet managers and driver-operators. Simple, convenient and safe to operate, our high precision meters are designed specifically for hydrogen service, offer Bluetooth® data transfer and comply with recognized standards and measurement requirements.

Plate Fin Heat Exchangers

Plate fin heat exchangers (PFHE) are highly efficient, compact, low weight units and principal components in the hydrogen liquefaction process. Chart has been providing PFHE for hydrogen service for many decades and our superior fin geometries and vacuum brazing technology are your guarantee of the most energy efficient heat exchange solution and highest vacuum leak test integrity.

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Versatility of Hydrogen

Learn more about how Chart is at the forefront of the energy transition to hydrogen.


Leading the Energy Transition

Our Chart China team recently celebrated completion of liquid hydrogen storage tanks engineered and built in Changzhou. With world class facilities across three continents and a wealth of cryogenic and compression expertise, Chart is uniquely positioned to accelerate the energy transition through the adoption of hydrogen.


Howden Expertise

Howden is recognised as a global leader in hydrogen compression with >100 years of experience and a proud track record of developing highly innovative solutions.


Green Fuels (eFuels)

We are proud to provide the compression solutions for the world’s first eFuel plant in Chile.

Hydrogen Bottle Filling

Howden Diaphragm compressors have been safely serving gas high pressure bottling solutions for decades.

Hydrogen Pipelines

Howden produce the right cost-effective compression solutions that are needed to ensure the viability of hydrogen pipelines.

Hydrogen Refueling

Howden provides world leading hydrogen compression solutions to support the ongoing Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) projects for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Hydrogen compression is at the core of the technologies required to improve the feasibility of the Power-to-X industry.

Hydrogen Liquefaction

Howden supply the safe, reliable and cost-effective compressor solution for virtually any situation.

Hydrogen Storage

Howden has extensive experience in offering cost-effective compression solutions for hydrogen storage across multiple applications.

Green Steel

We are proud to provide the compression solutions for the world’s first green steel plant in Sweden.


Technical Library

View and download literature and other resources

Aerospace Applications

Flow Metering Systems - Liquid Hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen metering systems from Flow Instruments.

HLH2 Liquid Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Systems

Chart brings solution expertise to Liquid Hydrogen (HLH2) on-board fueling systems.

Hydrogen Energy Solutions

Hydrogen Liquefiers

Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry

A Nexus of Clean Energy

First published in Global Hydrogen Review, Chart experts discuss the core cryogenic technology that connects LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture paving the way to cleaner, sustainable energy for all.

A Template for Liquid Hydrogen

Chart reveals how advances in LNG technology have paved the road for liquid hydrogen in the quest for zero carbon emissions.

'Aerospace is flying high again'

How some of the world's largest LH2 bullet style tanks moved from Minnesota to Cape Canaveral. Article first published in Gasworld magazine April 2020 edition.

Attaqa Interview

Chart Global Director speaks with Attaqa about a promising future for green hydrogen in the Arab region.

Case Study –Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) Storage built at VRV India

LH2 tank used for ISRO Aerospace Program.

Case Study- Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) Storage for Aerospace Application

Chart's project to design, engineer and build the LH2 storage system for the ground propellent system for reusable rockets.

Compression for Decarbonisation

Howden discusses why compression is such an important part of the hydrogen value chain.

Executive Outlook

Chart talks to Gas Compression Magazine about how the company is addressing challenges in the gas compression industry.

Hydrogen Takes Centre Stage

Discussion on the factors involved in the transition to storing hydrogen as an industrial fuel with contributions from Chart. First published in Tank Storage magazine.

Sustainable Fuels Whitepaper

Howden compressors and blowers are at the heart of processes that convert waste and by products into biofuels, such as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

The Energy Update-Q3, 2022

Newsletter bringing you the latest developments in Chart's clean energy solutions.

Unveiling the Hydrogen Industry's Evolution

First published in H2 View

HLH2 Vehicle Tanks

Chart's liquid hydrogen-powered vehicles.

LH2 Hydrogen Fuel Stations

For fueling OTR Trucks, Mine Haul, Marine and more.

LH2 ST17600 Transport Trailer (Made in USA)

Pressure Transfer Technology ensures 300 GPM off-load rates.

LH2 ST18600H Transport Trailer

Industry’s first 10,000-pound payload trailer to improve efficiency and logistics in your delivery operations, helping to meet the increasing demand for LH2.

LH2 ST8500 Transport Trailer (Made in USA)

Shorter, compact trailer to use in tandem or double configuration.

Perma-Cyl 5000 MAXX LH2 (PED)

PED compliant Perma-Cyl MicoBulk storage system designed specifically for liquid hydrogen applications.


High capacity MicroBulk storage system for liquid hydrogen.

WB Hydrogen Report 2022

Hydrogen is set to play a key role in decarbonization and its demand is on the rise. Scaling up requires major deployment of the necessary equipment, creating demand for key materials. Read the report to understand the impacts of this increased demand. Published by World Hydrogen Council.

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Top Speed.

World's fastest zero emission vehicle

Chart is delighted to support Forze IX hydrogen powered supercar. The world's fastest hydrogen vehicle accelerates to 100kph in <3 seconds and competes against petrol powered cars.