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Incorporating Chart and water treatment specialists AdEdge and BlueInGreen, we provide the engineering and operational insight required to deliver sustainable, fit-for-purpose solutions with single-point responsibility that empower water professionals to achieve their objectives with the lowest combination of risk and costs while driving enhanced outcomes for people, communities, and the planet.

Technical Library

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Liquid Gas Systems for Water Treatment Plants

Ozone Generation for Water Treatment - Las Vegas

Ozone Generation for Water Treatment - Utah

Ozone Generation for Water Treatment - San Diego

Carbon Dioxide in Water Treatment

Liquid Oxygen Aeration

Water Energy Nexus

What Chart's acquisition of BlueInGreen tells us about the future for the industrial gas, energy and water treatment markets. First published in Gasworld, February 2021.

Cleaning Up Article_gasworld

Engineered Systems Catalog

Nitrogen Boost System for Ozone Generation

VSi-CO2 Series

Vertical storage integrated bulk systems for CO2 supply in outdoor installation. Manufactured in US.

HSi-CO2 Series

Horizontal storage integrated bulk system for CO2 supply in outdoor installation. Manufactured in US.

Chart Expertise

Principal system components, including cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, and vacuum insulated piping (VIP), are designed and built in-house and configured as complete tailored solutions incorporating system automation and pressure control stations.

Safe & Natural

Aeration is used in medium and high volume municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications where it is key in the activated sludge process. It is a safe and natural process that avoids chemical treatments and instead stimulates naturally occurring micro-organisms to degrade contaminants.

pH Balancing

Using CO2 for pH balancing improves site safety, minimizes environmental exposure, improves efficiency and reduces costs. Liquid carbon dioxide is stored on-site in a Chart tank before being vaporized into a gas and injected into the water.

Protecting Health & the Environment

Compared to sulfuric and other acid/chemical treatments, carbon dioxide is non-corrosive to pipes and equipment, a much cheaper commodity and provides significantly reduced risk to the health, safety and well-being of employees and the environment.


The combination of Chart equipment and BlueInGreen (BIG) technology provides solutions that efficiently deliver dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone for water treatment. BIG’s core, gas-dissolution technology consumes 20% to 40% less gas than other alternatives with the smallest energy, carbon and physical footprint across a variety of applications in municipal and industrial end markets.


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